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MultiSync is a free modular program to synchronize calendars, addressbooks and other PIM data between programs on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones. MultiSync works on any Gnome platform, such as Linux.

Currently MultiSync has plugins for

  • Ximian Evolution synchronization, supporting calendar, ToDos and contacts. Multisync also support Evolution 2
  • IrMC Mobile Client synchronization (supported by e.g. SonyEricsson T68i/T610/Z600, Siemens S55 phones etc.) via Bluetooth or IR on Linux, or cable connection.
  • Windows CE / Pocket PC synchronization. This plugin is part of the SynCE project, and can be downloaded there.
  • Opie and Zaurus synchronization.
  • SyncML support (supported by e.g. SonyEricsson P800/P900 and many other phones and devices, for example the SyncML server Sync4j). SyncML also allows you to do remote connection of two MultiSync programs via an encrypted connection over the net.
  • Palm synchronization.
  • LDAP synchronization.
  • Backup of your PIM data.


Evolution 2 plugin
Written by Armin Bauer on the 27.10.04
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CVS now contains a plugin for evolution 2. If you want to try either check out from dev cvs or download cvs snapshot from here. The sourceforge anon cvs always lags behind a lot and is not recommended at the moment. Contact our mailing lists if any issues occur with this plugin.

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Tazouk Unregistered 29.10.04
I've been waiting for this plug, I'll check it out and post my feedbacks here.

Siddhartha 29.10.04
Had been waiting for this a long time. Compiled it and it seems to be working. But with one problem. I think the recursive calender entries are not handled in this version of evolution plugin (which is a bit inconvenient). Else it is fine..

Tazouk Unregistered 03.11.04
Yes, it works fine!

Isaac of course!! Unregistered 03.11.04
can any one post a deb package for this plugin?

Finley Unregistered 06.11.04
Here's another vote for a deb of this plugin.

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